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Novostal-M is a modern metallurgical holding that is aware of its responsibility to society. We share the desire to build a better world in line with the UN sustainable development goals. The following areas are priority for us:
Responsible consumption and sustainable production

We strive to become a leading supplier of products for metalworking enterprises in the Russian market and abroad. Electrometallurgy is the most environmentally friendly way to manufacture metal products. We guarantee our customers that electrometallurgical products are manufactured with minimal environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions.

The technological process uses secondary raw materials - metal scrap - which significantly reduces the environmental load and saves exhaustible natural resources. Our enterprises process more than 2.7 million tons of ferrous metal waste per year.

The holding adheres to the principles of responsible consumption and waste-free production. We strive to reuse production waste in the technological process. So, at the moment, projects are underway for the purification and use of spent solutions of hydrochloric and sulfuric acid, as well as for the production of zinc oxide from metallurgical dust.

We care about future generations and actively promote green metallurgy and circular economy principles in various industry communities, at the regional and federal level.

Industrialization, innovation and infrastructure

By creating new facilities, we contribute to the acceleration of the development of the manufacturing sector in the regions where we operate. In our factories, we introduce new technological solutions and invest in research and innovation. This is key to finding durable solutions to both economic and environmental problems, such as improving resource efficiency and energy efficiency.

At the same time, we support the course of expanding the refueling infrastructure for the transition to NGV fuel and are implementing relevant projects in the regions of our presence. We consider this area of ​​activity to be one of the socially significant ones.

Labor protection and industrial safety

Creation of comfortable and safe working conditions at enterprises is a priority for the holding. The availability of the certificate of conformity of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System to the requirements of the ISO 45001: 2018 standard is an indicator of the effectiveness of our activities in this area. It is extremely important for us to work in the following areas:

1. Ensuring safe working conditions in the workplace. Conducting briefings, internships, testing knowledge on labor protection, industrial and fire safety. Conducting a special assessment of working conditions, risk assessment and management.

2. Ensuring the competence of the company's employees in the field of labor protection. Retraining and advanced training of managers, specialists and employees in the field of labor protection, industrial and fire safety.

3. Ensuring the reliability of hazardous production facilities. Organization and carrying out of expert examination of industrial safety, technical devices, buildings, structures, design documentation. Updating of action plans for the localization and elimination of the consequences of accidents at hazardous industrial facilities and their approval in accordance with the established procedure.

4. Development of a corporate culture in the field of health protection and labor safety.

Staff training

We encourage our employees to strive for the continuous development of their own competencies. A high level of qualification of a specialist ensures the efficiency of all processes from production to delivery of products to consumers.

We welcome the exchange of experiences with industry peers. Prospective employees are sent on business trips to Russian enterprises to adopt “best practices” and implement them in our factories.

The holding also contributes to the training of young personnel and provides them with the opportunity to acquire practical skills that are in demand in the labor market. We organize industrial and pre-diploma practice for students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions.

Social responsibility and charity

Our enterprises make a significant contribution to the development of the regions of presence. We take an active part in their socio-economic life. Our investment projects contribute to improving the quality of life of the population and realizing the economic potential of the regions. In addition, we are implementing housing projects and increasing the affordability of housing for citizens. The holding also takes part in the creation of gas filling infrastructure in the regions for the transition to the use of more environmentally friendly automobile fuel.

During the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection, the holding implemented a socially significant project: we mastered the production of medical oxygen. The enterprises actively supplied medical oxygen to hospitals and medical centers, as well as purchased and transferred more than 10 ambulances to medical institutions in the Krasnodar Territory.

Partnership for sustainable development

We promote the principles of sustainable development and metallurgy within the framework of business associations and the Association of Electrometallurgical Enterprises, as well as actively interact with the expert community. We care about fostering a culture of responsible production and consumption, creating a circular economy and expanding the use of low-carbon technologies not only in our enterprises, but throughout the country.

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