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Working visit of the Novostal-M Holding Management to Kazakhstan
28 October 2021

The Novostal-M delegation headed by Ivan Demchenko, Chairman of the Board, visited Kazakhstan on a working visit.

During the meeting with the Eurasian Development Bank and the AIFC Green Finance Center, a trilateral memorandum of understanding was signed. Its objective includes the implementation of common initiatives regarding sustainable development and green financing.

In addition, representatives of the parties discussed plans to open a non-trading representative office of Novostal-M at the Astana International Financial Center.

"The AIFC together with the EDB represent a unique platform for the Eurasian Union which includes the world's best practices to promote green projects, create new financial instruments and to develop a human potential. For Novostal-M Holding, such an ecosystem will become one of the key factors for the successful implementation of the ESG strategy," Ivan Demchenko noted.

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