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Novostal-M Holding took part in the interregional online marathon "Ecosystem. An Integrated Approach to Environmental Issues"
01 October 2021

Nikita Ryblenkov, Government Relations Director of the Novostal-M Metallurgical Holding, participated in the Interregional Online Marathon "Ecosystem. An Integrated Approach to Environmental Issues".

The topic of the presentation was environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and environmental protection.

According to him, large enterprises have always dealt with environmental and social development issues, since the lives of many people depend on their operation.

As for Novostal-M, ESG is a new competent and effective approach to management which makes it possible to increase responsibility for processes within the framework of environmental, social and corporate management. It is important to implement measures in accordance with international standards — this will allow achieving a qualitative new level of sustainable development.

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