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Novostal-M Holding Organized a Round-Table Discussion during the Metal-Expo 2021 Exhibition
18 November 2021

As part of the Metal-Expo 2021 exhibition, Novostal-M Holding held a "Prospects for the Development of the Regulatory Framework with Due Regard to Introduction of New Types of Rolled Rebar for Reinforced Concrete" round-table discussion.

It was attended by representatives of the scientific community, leading manufacturers of rebar products, as well as specialized committees and associations.

The discussion covered two issues: documentation on the standardization of rebar products and mandatory certification of rebar products and other types of metal products.

Following the results of the round table discussion, the participants came to the conclusion that the industry needs a GOST standard for rebar certification.

In addition, proposals were put forward to consider ways to increase the production of BP wire, to update the GOST 6727-80 standard and to amend the SP 63.13330.2018 standard.

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